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My Tentative Miami Itinerary (Open to Review)

A few things.

First of all, let me introduce you to my best friend Eleanor, since she will probably be making frequent cameos on this blog:

I met her in Australia in 2008 after she verbally abused me in the hallway of our dorm, and we’ve been besties ever since. The only problem is that we tend to get a weeeeee bit goofy when we’re together, and I’m a little concernicus that unless we have a game plan, most of our Miami vacay will be spent getting roasted on the beach and/or stalking the guys from Miami Ink (Núñez, call me).

I just read an article titled 10 Great Places for Miami Super Bowl Visitors and I’ve decided that I will be basing most of our itinerary on this list. Is that weird? Judge me all you want, but I think a few of these suggestions sound pretty solid.

1. Where to Eat: Ortanique on the Mile

Ortanique has been called the best Caribbean restaurant in Miami. I’m not even sure what Caribbean food is, but the description mentioned “jerk penne pasta and fried-calamari salad,” both of which I enjoy tremendously. And look at that fruity bird in the picture! Who wouldn’t want to party with that?

2. Where to Relax: Key Biscayne

Besides having the world’s worst website, Key Biscayne is a “tropical island paradise just six miles off the coast of Miami.” When you need to get away from the madness of South Beach, this is often the place that most people flock to. The website also encouraged me to visit and “simply relax with a good book on the white sand beaches under the shade of a chickee hut.” Don’t mind if I do.

3. Where to Hang Out: Coconut Grove

From what I can gather, this sounds a lot like Miami’s version of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. An “enchanted” place where “artists” and “kooks” gather to expand their minds. Hey, I love getting all hopped up on love and magic and fairy dust. Are there cops in this place?

4. Where to Play: Nikki Beach

So let me get this straight…it’s part beach…and it’s part bar? SOLD. Plus I just found out that P. Diddy went here a few days ago, and it’s recently been a big dream of mine to wake up feeling like him.

5. Where to Read: Books & Books

Fun fact: I fell in love with Hunter S. Thompson because I went to a cute and cozy bookstore like this in St. Petersburg, Florida and found most of his books for really cheap. The nerd in me lives for these one-of-a-kind bookstores. It also has hardwood floors and an outdoor patio.

6. Where the Sports Freak Should Go: Catch a Miami Heat Game

Eleanor is convinced that the Heat sucks and it wouldn’t be worth going to a game, but you can get tickets for 10 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS. That would never fly in Boston. I feel like I have to go based on that factoid alone.

So that’s my plan so far. Suggestions? Recommendations? Want to buy us drinks when we get there? Fabulous.

- Alison

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