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(GPOYW) Real World: Sydney Edition

GPOYW: At the Real World: Sydney House in Sydney, Australia (2008)

(Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesdays, for all you non-Tumblrs)

My friends and I were in Sydney for Mardi Gras weekend in 2008, and through all of the glitter and gays and green wigs, we made sure to fight our way through to the Real World: Sydney house. I think that season had just recently ended, or we were just being a bunch of girls.

After ogling the house for a few minutes and finding that there wasn’t anything inside but empty paper bags and dusty brooms, we decided that there was nothing else to do except act out a normal episode of the show. I proceeded to brood dramatically on a nearby park bench (à la the evil Parisa) while one of my other friends pretended to be drunk and threw her water bottle at me. Sadly, that was probably the closest I’ll get to ever being on that show.

I captioned this picture on Facebook with the following: “So many of my dreams were realized today.” Truer words have never been spoken.