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Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos

In 2008, I spent five hours on a fishing boat in Fiji trying to get from the city of Nadi on the main island out to Tavewa, a tiny speck of an island that seemed to be closer to Australia then to the rest of The Feej. Spending five hours out on the ocean in Fiji might sound nice, but it’s not. By the fourth hour out I was sunburned and begging for a quick death, because I was thisclose to spewing all over the deck from an awful case of seasickness. There was nowhere to go, nothing to drink, I couldn’t eat and we still had an hour of bobbing up and down to go. Brutal.

Bailamos was the only cure. For reasons I can’t explain, when the song popped up on my iPod, the pukey feelings would subside for exactly three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. My only guess is that his sweet latin rhythms were distracting enough to get my focus off the fact that my stomach was tomahawking itself into my throat.

So I listened to Bailamos on repeat for an hour on that damn boat, and I made it to the island without any vomming, barfing, or upchucking to speak of. And I still can’t listen to this song without thinking about that moment, or without becoming nauseous through association. Enjoy!