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house hunters international (no relation to the show)

I’ve been really into interior design lately, which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I re-arrange my room twice a year, I obsessively make collages of pictures from the “Living” section of Real Simple, and I’ve been known to go buck wild in Home Goods. Remember that MTV show Room Raiders? That was my jam. I loved how the contestants could tell so much about their future date just from what he or she had going on in their rooms.

However, as I was flipping through some of my travel photos on the Fbook, I started noticing that it’s really the EXTERIOR of a house that can tell you the major things about not just the person who lives there, but about the place itself. What the weathers like, what the quality of living is, if you should be prepared to protect yourself against ferocious giant animals that don’t exist anywhere else (Australia, I’m looking at you). I’m sure if you were knocked unconscious and lost your memory, all you would have to do is wake up (fingers crossed!) and look at the nearest house to gather some clues as to where you were.

Here’s some houses I’ve come across in my travels. Can you guess what countries they call home?

- Alison